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Walkthrough steps:

To leave the walkthrough and return to the Distributed Proofreaders Main Page, click HERE.

This is the end of the walkthrough.

You've now seen the basic webpages used in proofreading a page. You can click on any of the links above to review that part of the walkthrough.

Otherwise, if you've read the Guidelines, you're ready to start proofreading!

In summary:

To start proofreading, select a project from the P1 page. At the top of the list there will be one or more identified as BEGINNERS ONLY; on those projects you’ll get feedback from a mentor after a few days. You’re welcome to choose any project on the P1 page, but you’re only guaranteed to get feedback on the BEGIN projects.

Remember to read the Project Comments before starting to proofread, and to keep the Guidelines or the PDF Summary open for quick reference. Don't hesitate to post in the project's discussion thread if you have any doubts.

What next?

If you haven't signed up for an account yet, start by registering.

After that, you can print the PDF Guidelines Summary, try the Proofreading Quiz, or check out the documentation shown below.

Or you can go to Activity Hub for general news and all the activities, or jump right in and go to the P1 page to start proofreading! Really!
(Nothing bad can happen. Each page you proofread will be checked again by at least 2 other, more experienced proofreaders before it's done. And you can always Return Page to Round if it turns out to be too difficult for you, or you can Save it In Progress while you ask for help in the Project Forum discussion pages.)

Another option is Smooth Reading, where you can read books that are nearly finished and just need a final read-through.

Additional Information:

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