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When you log in to Distributed Proofreaders (DP), you are taken to the Activity Hub. From this page you can see all the activities that go on at DP, and choose what you want to work on.

New volunteers have access to Proofreading Round 1 (P1) and Smooth Reading (SR) and gain access to other rounds once they satisfy the requirements. These links have been disabled on this walkthrough, but feel free to explore them in the real Activity Hub.

Welcome to the DP Activity Hub. From this page you can view the phases of DP production. Follow the links to the specific areas of the site.


To start proofreading, see the list of projects on the P1 round page.

Please see our Beginner's Forum for answers to common questions.

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Site Progress Snapshot

The following table provides an overview of what has been happening in the various stages of e-book production since midnight server-time. Current server-time is 14:22.

The left side of the table lists each production stage an e-book will go through, and indicates your ability to work in that stage. The "Projects" section, in the center of the table, shows the total number of projects in each stage, how many of these are waiting to be made available for work, how many are currently active and available for volunteers to work on, and finally, the number of projects that have completed that stage today.

Each stage has a daily goal which has been designed to motivate volunteers and keep work flowing through the site. The "Pages Today" section, on the right side of the table, shows the number of pages we'd like to see that stage complete today, how many pages have actually been completed since midnight server-time, and a percentage representation of the progress. Further, a "traffic light" color-coding system indicates the likelihood of that stage reaching its goal based on the rate of pages completed so far today.

See the workflow diagram for more information about the overall process.

Ah walkthrough.png

Activity descriptions

P1 - Proofreading Round 1 - The page-texts are the output from OCR software and need to have the text carefully compared to the image.

P2 - Proofreading Round 2 - The page-texts have already been proofread, and now need to have the text spellchecked and carefully compared to the image.

P3 - Proofreading Round 3 - The page-texts have already been proofread, but now need to be examined closely for small errors that may have been missed.

F1 - Formatting Round 1 - The page-texts have already been proofread, but now need to be formatted with markup which may be specific to the project.

F2 - Formatting Round 2 - The page-texts in this round need to be carefully checked to remove any remaining formatting errors.

PP - Post-Processing - After going through various rounds of proofreading and formatting, the books need to be massaged into a final e-text.

SR - Smooth Reading - Before a final e-text is posted to PG, it can be optionally uploaded for Smooth Reading. Anyone can volunteer to Smooth Read a text, which involves reading through the text for smoothness, marking possible errors and returning it to the PPer.

PPV - Post-Processing Verification - Once a PPer has submitted a final e-text, it needs to be checked by a PPVer before it is posted to PG.

DP Official Documentation - General