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CP and PM

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DP Official Documentation - Content Providing and Content Management

This section has not yet been fully updated with all the official DP Documentation related to Content Providing and Project Management.


Information For New and Returning CPers and PMs

Proofing images and illustrations

These two pages are linked to from other places, but are important enough to highlight by mentioning here, as well:

Useful Links

There are a variety of tasks that need squirrel assistance. This wiki page lists a number of these tasks, and information on contacting db-req.
Send an email to dp-format using this form if you'd rather not send it from your personal email.
Projects in Hold States
Default display shows all projects in hold states, sorted by round. Can also be restricted to the PM's projects by adding ?username= and your username to the url.
Project Quick Check
Check quickly for some potential problems that can be detected by script.
Remote File Manager
Access to dpscans.

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