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Distributed Proofreaders Foundation (DPF) ***TEST***


When DP was founded by Charles Franks (charlz) in 2000, it was a privately owned and maintained website hosted on his home computer. He accepted contributions towards the operating costs of the site, but they were not tax-deductible.

Sometime around July 2002, Charles decided officially to associate DP with Project Gutenberg, so that the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation (PGLAF), which already existed as a non-profit, tax-deductible donation-accepting organization, could deal with the financial matters. As such, DP became known as "Project Gutenberg's Distributed Proofreaders" (PGDP). Charles turned over the money that had been donated to DP to PGLAF, and from July 2002 to May 2006, PGDP operated under the financial umbrella and corporate protection of PGLAF.

During the time that DP was a part of PGLAF, the administration of DP had remained separate from the administration of PG. When DP grew to a certain point, it became apparent that it should have its own legal entity to oversee finances and administrativa. The DPF was announced formally in this forum thread on 7 May 2006.

In 2006 the Board of Trustees consisted of:

  • Juliet Sutherland
  • Charles Franks
  • Greg Newby

A link to the PG site and an essay of the history of PG, may be found at: History of Project Gutenberg

A time line for the history of Distributed Proofreaders with associated links, may be found at: DP_Timeline

All DPF Elections and their Results

The following subsections provide the official election history for the DPF Board. For an informal history of some of the early elections you may also see the "DP Board Candidates" page.


In March 2009 Juliet S., as "benevolent dictator", decided a change to DP management was necessary. (See 'DP Foundation Board Restructuring'.) Following nominations, elections from a list of five candidates were held between 11 June and 25 June 2009. This resulted in the election of three new Board members, viz. TheEileen, rfrank, fvandrog.

At some point, the Board held its first meeting, and (presumably) elected JulietS as its Chair.

2009 Election Details: 9,712 eligible voters; 467 ballots cast


In May 2010 elections were held to replace TheEileen, who was not seeking re-election, and to expand the size of the Board from five to seven. donovan, DMkazoo and tenaj were elected, from a field of five candidates. As per this forum post, tenaj agreed to become the Board Secretary.

tenaj resigned July 2010; see 'Resignation from the Board'. The resulting vacancy was filled by zarabee.

2010 Election Details: 10,864 email addresses listed in dp-elections (mailman) for eligible voters. (Unable to locate or retrieve any other data)


In May 2011, it looked like there would be an election for two new Board members, though the details seemed a little unclear. See Board Meeting Minutes 2010-2011.

June 2011 Elections were held, two new board members Dianna Adair Adair & Martin Sträßer mstraesser joined the board. Juliet announced her resignation from the DPFoundation board effective July 1, 2011. (see 'Resigning from the Board' )

2011 Election Details: 8,843 accts. eligible to vote; 8,744 voting notifications sent; 435 ballots voted; 5% participation


May 2012 Board Elections were held: one new board member, Linda Cantoni LCantoni, was elected by the volunteers; Frank van Drogen fvandrog was re-elected by the volunteers. New and returning board members were "elected" and welcomed at the June 9, 2012 board meeting. The updated bylaws clarified the terms of board members as June 1 -- May 31. Retiring board members will serve until May 31 or until the new members are formally elected at the next board meeting.

December, 2012: Linda Cantoni LCantoni resigned from the board effective Dec. 31, 2012; see 'Resignation'. The Board elected Walt Farrell wfarrell to serve as trustee from January 1, 2013 until May 31, 2013. The election for trustees whose term begins June 1 2013 will include a trustee to serve two years to complete this trustee position, or until May 31, 2015.

2012 Election Details: 6,775 accts. eligible to vote; 6,669 voting notifications sent; 646 ballots voted; 10% participation


May, 2013 Board Elections were held: one new board member, Quentin Johnson, Kinder5, was elected by the volunteers, and accepted the 2-year term expiring May 31, 2015; David Garcia, donovan and Walt Farrell, wfarrell, were re-elected by the volunteers, accepting 3-year terms expiring May 31, 2016. New and returning board members were "elected" and welcomed at the June 8, 2013 board meeting. Martin was re-elected by the Board to the President position, Walt was elected to the Secretary position, and Quentin was elected to the Treasurer position.

2013 Election Details: 5,567 accts. eligible to vote; 5,469 notifications sent; 470 ballots voted; 9% participation


April, 2014, Quentin Johnson resigned from the Board for personal reasons. Following his resignation, the Board elected Dianna Adair Adair as the new Treasurer.

May, 2014 Board Elections were held: One new board member, Juliet Sutherland JulietS was elected by the volunteers and accepted a 3-year term as Trustee, expiring May 31, 2017. Martin Straesser mstraesser was re-elected by the volunteers and accepted a 3-year term, expiring May 31, 2017. Dianna Adair Adair was re-elected by the volunteers and accepted the 1-year term (expiring May 31, 2015) remaining in Quentin Johnsons seat after his resignation. New and returning board members were elected by the Board and welcomed at the June 14, 2014, board meeting. David was elected by the Board to the President position, Walt was re-elected to the Secretary position, and Dianna was re-elected to the Treasurer position.

2014 Election Details: 4,258 accts. eligible to vote; 4,213 voting notifications sent; 305 ballots voted; 7% participation


May, 2015 Board Elections were held: Dianna Adair Adair and John Welch John_NZ were elected by the volunteers to 3-year terms ending in 2018, and were elected to the Board by the Trustees at the June 13, 2015 annual organizational meeting. David was re-elected by the Board to the President position, Walt was re-elected to the Secretary position, and Dianna was re-elected to the Treasurer position.

2015 Election Details: 3,357 accts. eligible to vote; 3,313 distinct email addrs.; 266 ballots voted; 8% participation


Two trustees, John Welch (John_NZ) and Martin Straesser (mstraesser), tendered resignations for personal reasons effective 31 May 2016.

May, 2016 Board Elections were held: Walt Farrell (wfarrell), Casey Peel (cpeel), Charlene Taylor (puppernutter), and Sharon Joiner (srjfoo) were elected by the volunteers. On 11 June 2016, these candidates elected by the DP community confirmed their intent to serve on the Board and chose the following terms (all beginning on June 1, 2016, and ending May 31 of the year indicated):

  1. Walt Farrell, 3 year term ending in 2019
  2. Casey Peel, 3 year term ending in 2019
  3. Charlene Taylor, 2 year term ending in 2018
  4. Sharon Joiner, 1 year term ending in 2017

The Board appointed/elected the new Trustees to the DPF Board for the terms indicated above. Casey was elected by the Board to the President position, Walt was re-elected to the Secretary position, and Charlene was elected to the Treasurer position.

2016 Election Details: 3,053 accts. eligible to vote; 3017 distinct e-mail addresses; 270 ballots voted; 9% participation

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