Directories with projects for testing

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Directories with projects for testing

Post by garweyne » Wed Oct 18, 2006 7:47 pm

Here I list some directories that have txt and png in the uploads directory; so that you can create new projects and test the new features without having to upload new files (of course you can if you want)

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sftp> dir
SAMPLES   TRASH     garweyne  jmdyck    lpryor2
sftp> dir SAMPLES
SAMPLES/    SAMPLES/005_small         SAMPLES/
SAMPLES/033_demonology    SAMPLES/    SAMPLES/050_eino
SAMPLES/240_thoughts      SAMPLES/foo               SAMPLES/fred
sftp> dir garweyne
garweyne/ilfallo    garweyne/pil        garweyne/pilt
sftp> dir jmdyck
sftp> dir lpryor2
lpryor2/dict                            lpryor2/test-upload-project
(I have not looked inside of the directories; garweyne/pil contains  png and utf-8 txt files, overwrite with garweyne/pilt that contains only iso txt)
If you want to upload new files, remember to use sftp, not ftp.

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