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We have reached 30,000 unique titles posted to PG! Such a major milestone demonstrates the perseverance and dedication of our many volunteers. Consequently, we've decided to celebrate more than a single title -- we're celebrating the 30 titles that took us to 30K.

Here are our thirty 30K titles:

#      Title                            PM          PP             Genre
30,000 Graded Literature Readers:     JulietS      okrick         Juvenile
       Fourth Book
29,999 The Boy Scouts for City        hutcheson    hutcheson      Juvenile
29,998 Storia degli Italiani          paperino     paperino       History
       (vol 1 di 15) (Italian)
29,997 Seventy Years Among            Mfoobar      cbgrf          Autobiography
29,996 Conservation of marine birds   bness2       okrick         Natural
       of northern North America                                  Science
29,995 Radioisotopes, Life            hutcheson    hutcheson      Physics
29,994 Coplas por la muerte de su     josepcols    elisa_m        Poetry
       padre (Spanish)
29,993 The Epicurean                  sp1nd        stefanc        Historical
29,992 Young India
       interpretation and a history                               Science
       of the nationalist movement
       from within)
29,991 The Osage tribe, two versions  BAE          Wayne Hammond  Folklore
       of the child-naming rite
29,990 Dalziels' Illustrated          Mebyon       readbueno      Literature
29,989 A Satyr Against Hypocrites     dvdeug       abi278         Poetry
29,988 A Sheaf of Verses              Monicas      Monicas        Poetry
                                      wicked       wicked
                                      stepmother   stepmother
29,987 Cadet Days (A Story of West    Monicas      Monicas        Juvenile
       Point)                         wicked       wicked
                                      stepmother   stepmother
29,986 An Essay on Contagious         Close@Hand   eschaal        Medicine
29,985 Great-Heart (The Life Story    BookBuff     charliehoward  Biography
       of Theodore Roosevelt)
29,984 The Lake Dwellings of Ireland  Mebyon       abi278         Archaeology
29,983 Les derniers paysans (1/2)     lvl          cbgrf          Folklore
29,982 Deutsch-Ostafrika. Geographie  sandi        Peter.Becker   Non-Fiction
       und Geschichte der Colonie
29,981 La lanterna di Diogene         garweyne     babymag        General
       (Italian)                                                  Fiction
29,980 Mr. Punch's Scottish Humour    Mebyon       elisa_m        Humor
29,979 C.A. Coey's School of          puppernutter elisa_m        Technology
       Motoring, 1424-26 Michigan
       Ave. Chicago
29,978 Princess Napraxine, vol. 1     Monicas      SplendidGeryon General
       (of 3)                         wicked                      Fiction
29,977 Days before history            sp1nd        hortonx5       Juvenile
29,976 A plain and easie method for   Close@Hand   hortonx5       Historical
       preserving (by God's blessing)                             Fiction
       those that are well from the
       infection of the plague, or any
       contagious distemper, in city,
       camp, fleet, &c., and for curing
       such as are infected with it
29,975 Historia de las Indias         josepcols    paperino       History
       (1 de 5) (Spanish)
29,974 The Works of William           Jon Ingram   Richard Wilson Drama
       Shakespeare Cambridge Edition  
      (5 of 9) (1863)
29,973 After Taps                      De2164      kongshaolong   Drama
29,972 Lay Down Your Arms, The         cbgrf       cbgrf          Autobiography
       autobiography of Martha von
29,971 Beadle's Dime National          De2164      Tiga           Speech
       Speaker, Embodying Gems of
       Oratory and Wit

These titles are representative of the scope of our volunteers' work -- the list includes works on Science, Technology, Medicine, Poetry, Archeology, Folklore, Literature, Drama, History, Autobiography, Political Science, and General and Juvenile Fiction. It includes books in English, French, German and Italian. AND these 30 titles are the work of a variety of Project Managers and Postprocessors, some new in their roles and others with years of practice. Of course, we all know that each of the thirty titles represents countless hours of work by our many volunteers who carefully proofed and formatted them page-by-page to ensure their high quality as well as all our other volunteers who make that possible by supporting our systems, mentoring, and a host of other tasks to support our work.

I'd like to thank all of you for helping us provide these 30,000 unique titles to the world!


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