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AuthorTitlePG No.
A. W. Benn [1843–1915]History of Modern Philosophy [1912]34283
A. W. DimockDick in the Everglades13168
A. W. DuncanThe Chemistry of Food and Nutrition15237
A. W. Faber (company)The Lead Pencil Manufactory of A. W Faber at Stein near Nürnberg, Bavaria52256
A. W. FultonHome pork making32414
A. W. HewlettEpitome of the Pharmacopeia of the US and National Formulary41778
A. W. MarchmontA Dash for a Throne40907
A.A. MilneOnce a Week24313
A.C. KuiperEen Heldin11285
A.C. KuiperElsje14580
A.C. ThompsonMemorial Of Mrs. Lucy Gilpatrick Marsh. A Funeral Address Delivered At The Eliot Church, Boston Highlands, Monday, June 22, 186836351
A.D.L.Woman's Endurance (1904)16859
A.E. Treganza and A. BiermanThe Topanga Culture Final Report on Excavations, 194842654
A.E.W. MasonThe Summons16381
A.E.W.MasonThe Broken Road10755
A.E.W.MasonWitness for the Defense12535
A.F. PollardA Short History Of The Great War7189
A.H. MunsellA Color Notation26054
A.H.BeeslyThe Gracchi Marius and Sulla.10860
A.L.G. Bosboom-ToussaintFrits Millioen en zijne vrienden24425
A.L.O.C.The Story of a dark plot, or, Tyranny on the Frontier21285
A.T. MahanThe Influence Of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-178313529
A.v. Kotzebue, T. Williams, M. HankelTri unuaktaj komedioj35743
A.W. LathamTrees Fruits and Flowers of Minnesota [1916]18183
AABNAmerican architect and building news, 900108, # 73315322

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