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AuthorTitlePG No.
A. Maynard BarbourThe Award of Justice30028
A. McAulayUtility of Quaternions in Physics26262
A. Mildred CableThe fulfilment of a dream of Pastor Hsi's27243
A. Millar, J. Whiston and B. WhiteThe life of the truly eminent and learned Hugo Grotius15606
A. Novice [anonymous]The Anglican Friar [1851]35553
A. P. HerbertThe House by the River41791
A. P. MorganThe Myxomycetes of the Miami Valley, Ohio29534
A. PastorThe Pearl Box, containing One Hundred Beautiful Stories for Young People11237
A. R. BakerThe Cleveland Medical Gazette - 1886/0252983
A. R. BakerThe Cleveland Medical Gazette - 1886/0152874
A. R. BakerThe Cleveland Medical Gazette - 1886/0353325
A. R. BarlowCompany G [157th NY Vols]43562
A. R. CalhounBusiness Hints for Men and Women6167
A. R. Hope MoncrieffIsle of Wight52058
A. Russell BondMechanics49445
A. S. M. HutchinsonOnce Aboard The Lugger6410
A. S. WalkerDeserts: Geology and Resources47108
A. Safroni-MiddletonGabrielle of the Lagoon40614
A. SquareFlatland. A Romance of Many Dimensions45506
A. Stanley BlicqNorman Ten Hundred26713
A. StoneFighting Byng, A Novel of Mystery and Intrigue (Rapid Review)40821
A. TeltingIets over de gramaticale beoefening der Friesche taal in haar geheelen omvang26846
A. TrolleVan de Deensche expeditie naar Noord-Groenland (De Aarde, 1909)27634
A. U. BthNordmanna-Mystik52789
A. von Schmidt auf AltenstadtReisherinneringen aan Korea en China (De Aarde en haar Volken, 1904)41379

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