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AuthorTitlePG No.
A LadyThe Lion's Masquerade32184
A LadyThe rainbow, after the thunder-storm38227
A Lady [pseudonym]Jesus, the Messiah; or, The Old Testament prophecies fulfilled in the New Testament Scriptures44119
A Lady. [Catherine Ann Dorset]The Peacock "At Home"; A Sequel to the Butterfly's Ball23281
A lawyer.The Nurserymatograph46707
A Member of the AristocracyManners and Rules of Good Society or Solecisms to be Avoided (38th ed.)33716
A MilitiamanEleven days in the militia during the war of the rebellion31969
A New York DetectiveThe Bradys Beyond Their Depth, The Great Swamp Mystery26925
a New York Detective (aka Francis W. Doughty (d. 1917))The Bradys and the Girl Smuggler16919
A Pakeha Maori [Frederick Edward Maning, 1811/12?-1883]Old New Zealand: being Incidents of Native Customs and Character in the Old Times [1863]33342
A Pastor (anonymous)The Pearl Box: Containing One Hundred Beautiful Stories for Young People11595
A ReligieuseThe Life of Venerable Sister Margaret Bourgeois6883
A Religious of the Ursuline CommunityThe Life of the Venerable Mother Mary of the Incarnation6486
A Returned MissionaryWoman and Her Savior In Persia8699
A Sane PatientMy Experiences in a Lunatic Asylum41334
A Staff OfficerThe Defence of Lucknow53093
A-No. 1The Trail of the Tramp12424
A. A. MilneMr. Pim Passes By7310
A. A. MilneBelinda6992
A. A. MilneHappy days26098
A. AdossidésIn Griekenland (De Aarde 1909)28085
A. Antoine (de St. Gervais)Les Histoires Merveilleuses31176
A. Arthur ReadeStudy and Stimulants6752
A. B. BrooksWest Virginia Trees53433
A. B. de GuervilleHet moderne Egypte (De Aarde, 1907)21954

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