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AuthorTitlePG No.
(Anonymous)The Tiny Story Book23336
(Anonymous)The Tiny Picture Book.23407
(Anonymous)Fairy's Album, With Rhymes of Fairyland23467
(Anonymous)Stories About Indians23570
(Anonymous)The House that Jack Built; A Game of Forfeits. AND The Entertaining Fable of "The Magpie"23866
(Anonymous)Little Scenes for Little Folks24669
(Carl) SpitzwegReime und Bilder [1919]53232
(ed: Gratton, Henry Pearson)As a Chinaman saw us22831
(Edward Livermore ?)Phebe, the Blackberry Girl11147
(from the "Works of Alexander Dumas" series)The Son of Monte-Cristo Volume 222086
(from the "Works of Alexander Dumas" series)The Son of Monte-Cristo Volume 122018
(Margaret) Marshall SaundersRose À Charlitte (Rapid Review)41296
(San) Franziska MannDie Stufe - Fragment einer Liebe21115
---Paródia ao primeiro canto dos Lusíadas de Camões por quatro estudantes de Évora em 158920149
---Um meeting na parvonia : poemeto escripto num canto20495
-Anon.-Harry's Ladder to Learning24644
-Anonymous-Dame Wonder's picture alphabet.23483
?Der sächsische Prinzenraub [1840]50529
A Merchant (anonymous)Six Years in the Prisons of England (1869)21284
A BushmanA Love Story by a Bushman (Vol. 1)8883
A BushmanA Love Story by a Bushman (Vol. 2)8883
A Clairvoyant [Henry J. Horn, ed.]Strange visitors (3rd. ed., 1871)13237
A Gentleman of Elvas (tr. Richard Hackluyt)A Narrative of the expedition of Hernando de Soto into Florida published at Evora in 155734997
A H BullenLyrics from the Song-Books of the Elizabethan Age27129
A LadyA Young Lady's Mentor15490

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