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AuthorTitlePG No.
"R.J.B."Ireland As It Is (1893)29710
"The Duchess"The Haunted Chamber16053
"The Intelligence Officer"On The Heels of De Wet (1902)20400
"Un bourgeois parisien"Le ménagier de Paris (tomes I & II)44070
"Uncle Frank"The Peddler's Boy33372
"X. Y. Z."A General's Letters to his Son on Minor Tactics52640
Świętochowski, AleksanderAspazio45713
'A Northern Man'Abolition a Sedition (1839)41014
'An Irishman'Is Ulster Right? (1913)13157
'Many Hands'Three Hundred Things a Bright Boy Can Do (1914)47760
'The Author of "Nothing At All"'Little Bewildered Henry10987
'The author of the Rollo books'Jonas on a Farm in Winter12260
( Anonymous )Pleasing Stories for Good Children24738
(Abbie) Johnston GrosvenorStrange Stories of the Great Valley; the adventures of a boy pioneer48291
(Abbie) Johnston GrosvenorStrange Stories of the Great River; the adventures of a boy explorer48295
(American Tract Society ?)The Picture Alphabet10742
(Anonymous)Child's Book of Water Birds17365
(Anonymous)The Twelve Labours of Hercules, Son of Jupiter and Alcmena22529
(Anonymous)Tame Animals22561
(Anonymous)Simple Simon (Silhouette Series)22891
(Anonymous)The Remarkable Adventures of An Old Woman and Her Pig; An Ancient Tale in a Modern Dress22778
(Anonymous)The Courtship, Marriage, and Pic-Nic Dinner of Cock Robin & Jenny Wrenn; with the Death and Burial of Poor Cock Robin22887
(Anonymous)The Death and Burial of Cock Robin.22921
(Anonymous)Little Stories for Little Children22896
(Anonymous)The Keepsake; or, Poems and Pictures for Childhood and Youth23457

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