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[Pierre Alexandre Édouard] Fleury de Chaboulon (1779-1835)Memoirs of Napoleon in 1815, vol II (1820)24718
[Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe], ED: Mathews, CorneliusThe Indian fairy book.22248
[Snorri Sturluson]The sagas of Olaf Tryggvason and of Harald the Tyrant (Harald Haardraade)22093
[Stone, Elizabeth]The art of needle-work, from the earliest ages, 3rd ed.31714
[Tussac, Fr , Richard de]Cri des colons contre un ouvrage de M. l'évêque et sénateur Grégoire, ayant pour titre 'De la Littérature des nègres'24555
[unknown]The Apple [1890]31729
[Upton Sinclair]The Journal of Arthur Stirling7774
[various]The Newcastle Song Book; or, Tyne-Side Songster [1842]40048
[Various]Yachting vol II [1894]41973
[Various]Yachting vol I [1894]41971
[Vizetelly, Henry (1820-1894)] Brooks, J. Tyrwhitt (pseud.)California. Four Months Among the Gold-Finders13001
[Walford, Thomas]The scientific tourist through Ireland, in which the traveller is directed to the principal objects of antiquity, art, science & the picturesque48757
[Waller] Ashe & E. V. EdgellThe Story of the Zulu Campaign [1880]42956
Ælfric of Eynsham, edited by Julius Zupitza (1844-1895)Ælfrics Grammatik und Glossar (1880)45861
ÆsopÆsop's Fables [1884]18732
ÆsopThe Æsop for Children19994
Öhrvall, HjalmarRenlighet och Frisk Luft40094
–a –gTeckningar och drömmar27875
–a –gSigrid Liljeholm52870
Østergaard, VilhelmEt Ægteskabs Historie43899

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