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AuthorTitlePG No.
Abbott, Eleanor HallowellMolly Make-Believe18665
Abbott, Eleanor HallowellPeace on earth, good-will to dogs20213
Abbott, Eleanor HallowellFairy Prince, and Other Stories26399
Abbott, Eleanor HallowellThe sick-a-bed lady and also Hickory Dock34829
Abbott, Frank Frost (1860-1924)The Common People of Ancient Rome13226
Abbott, JacobCleopatra10992
Abbott, JacobGentle measures in the management and training of the young11667
Abbott, JacobMarco Paul's voyages & travels, Vermont11681
Abbott, JacobThe Teacher12291
Abbott, JacobHistory of Julius Caesar11688
Abbott, JacobMary Erskine14475
Abbott, JacobHistory of King Alfred of England16545
Abbott, JacobGeorgie19256
Abbott, JacobRollo in the Woods19195
Abbott, JacobThe Teacher; Or, Moral Influences Employed in the Instruction and Government of the Young22251
Abbott, JacobCaleb in The Country23989
Abbott, JacobRollo at work, A new ed.25274
Abbott, JacobRollo's experiments24993
Abbott, JacobHistory of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt40205
Abbott, JacobBruno, or, Lessons of fidelity, patience, and self-denial taught by a dog51859
Abbott, JaneHighacres29865
Abbott, John S. C.King Phillip, Makers of History Series 29494
Abbott, John S. C.Captain William Kidd and Others of the Buccaneers50550
Abbott, John Stevens Cabot (1805-1877)Peter Stuyvesant, the last Dutch governor of New Amsterdam (1873)13811
Abbott, John Stevens Cabot (1805-1877)The Empire of Russia (1859)15269

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