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AuthorTitlePG No.
AABNAmerican architect and building news, 900104, # 73221596
Aakjær, JeppeSamlede værker bind 124486
Aakjær, JeppeSamlede værker Bind 224747
Aakjær, JeppeSamlede værker bind 339722
Aanrud, HansLisbeth Longfrock26348
Aanrud, HansSidsel Langröckchen48902
Aaro HellaakoskiRunoja13099
Aaro HellaakoskiNimettömiä lauluja13429
Aaronsohn, Alexander.With the Turks in Palestine10338
Abaelard und Heloïse (Übers.: P. Baumgärtner)Briefwechsel zwischen Abaelard und Heloise44051
Abbé DurandLes Explorateurs du Centre de l'Afrique (1874)40279
Abbé Vertot, translated by Louis de BoisgelinThe History of the Revolutions of Portugal45471
Abbe, ErnstGesammelte Abhandlungen, Vorträge, Reden und Schriften sozialpolitischen und verwandten Inhalts19755
Abbey, Charles J.; Overton, John H.The English Church in the Eighteenth Century (1896)16791
Abbey, HenryStories in Verse (1869)23037
Abbot De Vertot, Translated by Gabriel RoussillonThe Revolutions of Portugal43852
Abbot, Willis J.The naval history of the United States, v. 122305
Abbot, Willis J.The naval history of the United States, v. 226416
Abbot, Willis JohnAmerican merchant ships and sailors15648
Abbott, Charles ConradOutings At Odd Times48916
Abbott, Edwin A.Philochristus48843
Abbott, Edwin AbbottHow to Write Clearly22600
Abbott, Eleanor HallowellLittle Eve Edgarton15660
Abbott, Eleanor HallowellThe Indiscreet Letter15728
Abbott, Eleanor HallowellThe White Linen Nurse14506

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