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TitleAuthorPG No.
A Little Present for a Good ChildAnonymous24849
De dageraad der volksvrijheid : geschiedenis van de wording der Nederlandsche republiek aan het volk verhaaldAdolf Streckfuss (1823-1895)34644
Lettre l'Empereur Alexandre sur la traite des noirsWilberforce, William10683
Statistical Inquiry Into the Nature and Treatment of EpilepsyBennett, Alexander Hughes36474
"1683-1920"Schrader, Frederick Franklin50075
"1812" Napoleon I in RussiaVerestchagin, Vassili51418
"1906". Der Zusammenbruch der alten Welt [1907/1910]Grautoff, Ferdinand49995
"Abe" Lincoln's Anecdotes and StoriesWordsworth, R. D. (compiler)47811
"About my Father's Business"Archer, Thomas50973
"And That's How It Was, Officer"Sholto, Ralph32562
"And they thought we wouldn't fight"Gibbons, Floyd Phillips31086
"As Gold in the Furnace"John E. Copus37926
"Back from Hell"Benson, Samuel Cranston48997
"Billy" Sunday, the man and his message with his own words which have won thousands for Christ.Ellis, William T.50586
"Boots and Saddles" or Life in Dakota with General CusterCuster, Elizabeth B.48972
"Born of the Spirit"Osborne, Zenas49659
"Boy Wanted": A Book of Cheerful CounselWaterman, Nixon47148
"Boy" The Wandering DogSaunders. Marshall50394
"Bring me his ears"Mulford, Clarence Edward31699
"Broke," The Man Without the DimeBrown, Edwin A.45412
"Brother Bosch", an airman's escape from GermanyGerald Knight27229
"Buffalo Bill" from Prairie to PalaceBurke, John M.49204
"Carrots:" Just a little boy. Molesworth, Mrs. [Mary Louisa Stewart] 33544
"Chicago to the sea." Eastern ExcursionistGage, William C.49894

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