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PG No.AuthorTitle
345Stoker, BramDracula
460Burnett, Frances HodgsonThe dawn of to-morrow
474Bryant, Sara ConeHow to tell stories to children
501Lofting, HughThe Story of Doctor Dolittle
621James, WilliamThe Varieties of Religious Experience
1154Lofting, HughThe Voyages of Dr. Dolittle
1320Gross, HansCriminal Psychology
1615Savage, ErnestOld English Libraries; The Making, Collection, and Use of Books During the Middle Ages
1989Wurdz, GideonThe Foolish Dictionary
2038Hawthorne, Julian, ed.The lock and key library; Classic mystery and detective stories, Modern English
2074Burckhardt, JacobThe Civilisation of the Renaissance in Italy
2156Giles, Herbert AllenChina and the Manchus
2514Burnett, Frances HodgsonT. Tembarom
3059Lang, Andrew [translator]The Iliad of Homer
3141Rev. Aug. J. Thebaud, S.JThe Irish Race In The Past And The Present
3231Baker, Samuel White, SirThe Rifle and Hound in Ceylon
3233Baker, Samuel White, SirIn the Heart of Africa
3239MacGrath, HaroldThe Puppet Crown
3246The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and InstructionMirror - No. 365 - 11 Apr 1829
3301Sinclair, UptonNaturewoman
3302Sinclair, UptonThe Second-Story Man
3303Sinclair, UptonPrince Hagen
3304Sinclair, UptonThe Machine
3306Hargrave, JohnAt Suvla Bay
3317Gibbs, Sir PhilipNow It Can Be Told

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