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AuthorTitlePG No.
Anonymous Il libro della cucina del sec. XIV33954
Edith King HallAdventures in Toyland23523
John Hamilton MooreThe Young Gentleman and Lady's Monitor13588
L.O. HowardThe housefly and how to suppress it, U.S. Department of Agriculture Farmer's Bulletin No. 140818050
Langstroth, L.L. 1810-1895.Langstroth on the hive and the honey-bee: a bee keeper's manual [1853]24583
Louis-Jacques-Mandé DaguerreNouveau moyen de préparer la couche sensible des plaques destinées à recevoir les images photographiques16260
Margaret Bruce ClarkeHunter's Marjory20258
Mrs. MolesworthGrandmother Dear20963
Mrs. SherwoodBrotherly love : shewing that as merely human it may not always be depended upon11213
P. L. Jacob, bibliophile (Paul Lacroix)Curiosites infernales10685
Roberto BraccoI pazzi35048
Stephens, C. A. (Charles Asbury)Left on Labrador20242
YAMWikkey, A Scrap23195
"A Native" [anon]Adventures of a Sixpence in Guernsey17083
"A Pakeha Maori"Old New Zealand (1876)39361
"An American Lady"The Ladies' Vase, or Polite Manual for Young Ladies16802
"Arachne"Cobwebs of Thought13766
"Cavendish" [Henry Jones]Cavendish on Whist51039
"Dum-Dum", pseud. [i.e. John Kendall.]Rhymes of the East and Re-collected Verses (1905)20370
"E. F. S."Our Stage and its Critics (1910)13408
"Ellen" (pseud. van Dina Mollinger-Hooyer)*De pop van Elisabeth Gehrke.15974
"Ex-Trooper"The French Army From Within53417
"Monsieur de Cros"Letter from Monsieur de Cros,... being an answer to Sir Wm Temple's memoirs... [1693]32656
"Pish" and "Tush"Red Paint at Oxford52875

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