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TitleAuthorPG No.
The Fishing IndustryGibbs, William E.53447
Labor and the AngelScott, Duncan Campbell53445
Stop! A Handy Monitor, Pocket Conscience and Portable Guardian against the World, the Flesh and the Devil.Urner, Nathan Dane53443
Marjorie Dean's RomancePauline Lester53440
Les voyageurs du XIXe siècleVerne, Jules53439
Las Ilusiones del Doctor Faustino, v. 2Valera, Juan53436
At Minas Basin and Other PoemsRand, Theodore H. (Harding)53435

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Plans for future versions of the OLS code include the addition of administrative tools for the import and maintenance of new projects as they are completed, as well as the incorporation of additional cataloging information for each title.

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